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How to buy outdoor furniture?

     Among the beauty of outdoor furniture new life as a home among a new wave of fashion, reflecting the people a relaxing, is furnished new home owners, in the selection of outdoor furniture when you can forget them in the decoration of the troubles, into the rural life . This year's outdoor furniture varieties appear more and more interesting.

    1, consider the weather and climate
Consider your own place to live in the weather. It will often rains, whether located in the tropics. Hot and humid? Direct sunlight causes cracking of wood furniture, and metal in the sun baked their own temperature will rise. Not comfortable to use, if you live where there are often tropical storms, strong convective weather or on the verge of the sea, the wind also can instantly aluminum or plastic and other very light furniture overturned.
    2, in the middle to make room furniture
And different indoor furniture, outdoor furniture and no special functional requirements, so you do not have to complete with tables and chairs, or to be in proportion with the size of the furniture according to the size. Whether it is open outdoor pool, or limited small atrium garden, be sure to remember to stay out of regional activities. A tall bar table than the formal dining table to be easy to use, because the bar stool placed more space saving. Or may also consider smaller side table and sit together with the pier, at any time be able to move the location, and more flexible.
    3. The placement decision styles and materials
Your outdoor activity area there awnings? The furniture is on a soft lawn or hard surface texture? Remember, if the ground on the lawn, do not use cork frame furniture, cork will absorb moisture and cause damage to the frame, try to choose plastic, steel frame instead. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use umbrellas, direct sunlight on furniture and human skin have hurt.
    4, more important than the appearance of the material
Outdoor furniture material is very important, it determines the future maintenance conditions. So do not just look at the appearance of the time of purchase. Aluminum and resin easiest to manage, wicker or wood furniture requires regular maintenance
These are the outdoor furniture shopping tips and methods. I hope you can at least choose after school enough skills and methods, can buy into a desirable product, you can call us for detailed advice and customize your mind the best products.

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